70,000 BC- Laginitus Scientist invents the disease that would later become known as the C-X-Theta Disease. It reaches Pandemic levels quickly, and spreads off world before it is contained. Out of desperation to survive, the scientist that invented the disease froze himself cryogenically.

52,000 BC: Laginitus race, out of desperation as their worlds burn and their race is dying, create a device to take them to a nearby plane of reality where they would be unable to age. This device brought them to the realm of magic. There they did not age, but they could not leave either, and the Realm of Magic was not like their realm. Outside of their ship there was nothing. This event tore a hole between our realities enough to pour more magic into the universe.

June 29th, 1945- Project Geisttur went online, exploding, killing many and sending 13 SS Totenkopvferband officers into the Realm of magic, each leaving their SS knife behind, creating an arcane link.

2131- After finding two planets in the same system with Earth-like environments, and the probes sending back pictures of ruins on Celia-3.

This information swept through the scientific community like wild fire. Two colonies we immediately commissioned. Celia-3 was rich and fertile, with a predominately tropical and jungle biosphere. Celia-4 had just exited a eons long ice age. After detecting the humans the Laginiten technology brought the Laginitus Scientist out of stasis. He used the technology of his people to change himself into a human, and became the human known as Dr. Jared North.

2132- Dr. Jared North’s presence within the colony awoke the dormant disease on Celia-3. Infection set in quickly, and before long the colony was ripping itself apart.

The Herculean Transport ship USS Perseus, was the first military presence to respond. Of the entire colony of 15,000, only four survived. Dr. Jared North, and Kiana Thompson among them.

2155- Project Eve, a project to create an immortal superhuman, has it’s first and only success. Shortly after the project is shut down and human genetic engineering was made illegal.

2159- Human space exploration and colonization efforts restart after a long hiatus. At this time we see the first terrorist activity believed to be done by Neo-Nazi’s as they sabotaged the transport for a Jewish colony ship. The United Human Worlds was able to quickly respond and save the ship before to much damage was sustained.

2170- Verias-4 becomes infected with the C-X-Theta contagion, one year after it’s inception. With this event it becomes obvious that C-X-Theta was just going to be an obstacle in space travel. The UHW made a law that every colony was quarantined for a full year before any travel can be allowed to and from, all supplies would be delivered by drone ships. There have been ten confirmed incidents in the future.

2310- Neo-Nazi scientists attempt the first Project Adam, using the notes of Project Eve, attempted to create a gentically pure, and perfect person to become the true Fuhrer . This project did not provide a viable embryo before their lab was raided.

2317 The second attempt for Project Adam, which provided a viable embryo and was moved to a safe location before being raided by the UHW.

2334 After the escape of the other successful attempt at Project Adam, it is repeated a third time, this lab was never raided and they were albe to train their future leader in secret. This man would become Dr. Josef Fuerst.

2373- Theratul 2 was destroyed with zero survivors, in response to a C-X-Theta outbreak. At least that was what was publicly told, in truth it was the brutal supression of an uprising.

2375 Campaign begins


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