Opening Script

An Excerpt from “An In Depth Study of Nazi Mysticism And Attempted Military Applications Thereof” Published 1992:

“Project Geisttur was an attempt to master teleportation. Its concept revolved around using the theory on the ephemeral nature of other realities. Its specific goal was to punch a hole into the astral plane in an attempt to open a gateway many hundreds of miles away. It would allow them to launch a surprise attack upon the United States.

On June 29th, 1945, the pseudo-science that had been invented for this project was tested. The warehouse was destroyed utterly by the explosion. It was deemed none could survive the blast. All of their work was gone, and no one could know what happened. Among the dead were 12 scientists, 24 German soldiers and aids, and 13 S.S. Totenkopvfbande Officers, all of which had participated in the Night of the Long Knives.

Among the wreckage, all thirteen of the Officer’s knives were recovered, with no sign of their owner’s bodies. This odd chance, added with the mysticism of the event, has caused these daggers to shoot in value to collectors. Adding more to the legend of the knives is the odd fact that many of their owners end up dead or mad.

These antiques are the only reminder of Project Geisttur to pass into the modern day.”

[Play Corrupt Arena]

Each of you has come to this ship for many reasons. You are a member of the ship’s crew, a colonist hoping to survive on the fringe, or to get away out there, one of the scientists planning to use their grant. You each have a secret, that if known, would change the world around you, or at least change how the world knows you. This ship is carrying thousands of passengers and all of the equipment they would need. That only took up the front third of the ship.

Its 20:00, and night shift just let off, it was time to sleep for many, time to relax for others, as the skeleton crew floats through FTL.

[to Chief of Security]

Once again you got night duty. There never seemed enough security to not have to pull a double, and as the chief it’s your job to do it. You have already had to deal with a few problems, simple stuff. Someone took someone’s tool, or space, or wife. Thousands of people were on board; most of them camped in the cargo bays. Some of them used the barracks conversion to the smaller bays. The rest were camping in tents, in the larger bays. They had been like that since you all set out two weeks ago, and would be like that until you arrived in four more. Tensions were high, and it was only a matter of time until you get called back to the Cargo Bay

[To Everyone Else]
Many of you have freshly come on to duty. Your find yourself growing accustomed to the quiet tedium of the night as you barrel through FTL. A few of you’re now getting your chance to relax, before heading to bed. The others wait among the colonists.

Moving quickly through the tents. I see my target. What little light there is reflects off of my blade. Quickly, quickly. Now I am in. He sleeps so calmly. He doesn’t know what comes next. Three strokes, a flash of light. A scream, I was heard.

[To Sensitive PCs]
You feel the world around you twist. Something has changed and it leaves you sick to your stomach. Something is supremely wrong.

[To Chief of Security & Cargo Bay]
Your patrols bring you near the Cargo Bays where you hear a scream. You rush there to find a small mob holding a bloody man who is speaking non-nonsensically.

“It is done, I have prepared the way. I have done as you have bidden me.” He looks up to you. “The tides of blood have come back in.”

You notice there seems to be no weapon nearby. They tell you the body is inside the tent. The blows were efficient, three strikes and he bled out.

[Play Otherworld]

[To all]

Suddenly the power blips. The emergency lights come on as the air circulation stops. Fear and panic grip the colonists as some primal part of their brain screams. They all begin to run, all over the ship, they begin to run. Members of the crew join in this panic. They seek shelter in the dark, but something worse waits there now.

[To Chief of Security &Cargo Bay]
Around you is chaos. The colonists are running like madmen. They have forgotten the killer, and he has disappeared in the confusion. You briefly catch sight of a tall man holding a silver knife. You look away for a second and he is gone.

[To All]
Most of you encounter at least one colonist. You see them drop to their knees as they begin to convulse. You see fissure rend their skin as it darkens. Small gouts of flame burst from these fissures. They look up to you, their eyes pure black. They lumber forward, all living coordination gone.

[Game Start]

Opening Script

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